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International migration has got a relevant theme for Europe. Some countries are sending out hundreds of thousands of Gastarbeiter (foreign workers) to Western European destination, like Moldova and Romania. Most of the Gastarbeiter (foreign workers) end up working in informal working relations.

Since the governments and their balance of payment, in international trade, benefit from such working migration, it is a positive match to combine the improvement of employment with a more sustainable management of recruiting. Our mission is to improve the management and the level of work migration in Europe by improving the vocational training and retraining and the productivity of Gastarbeiter (foreign workers) in the relevant sectors. But we also build alliances between both sides on the level of employer and employee, at the one hand side, and the level of government and professional associations, on the other hand side.

One special objectives is to make working abroad a circle of vocational training,
fair employment, long-term- promotion and returning back to the homeland. This latter aspect brings technology and knowledge to the countries that need it most urgently. A circular labor migration can improve the world.

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