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Asked why to work in Germany could be a decision for a medical assistant, a truck driver or a cook:

Medical Assistant:

My name is Ioana, my Romanian graduation was so sophisticated that only in Germany I receive the value added that I deserve with the infrastructure, the pension fund and the social insurance. The carrier perspectives at Red Cross or AWO are better than any others in Europe due to huge investments and high standards.

Truck Driver:

My name is Damian, in change of the old-fashioned road cowboy drive in the night and understand electronic systems, thus I can spend part of the day to build a new life including some fancy housing and some retraining that enables me to see the drivers’ job as a base for the first half of my family life (or even longer). There are counties in Germany who offer perfect construction places.


My name is Sergiu, those postmodern societies offer a larger variety of life-style. In South-East-Europe it is difficult to make a real carrier with cooking. In Germany the only impediment is the difficult language. But exactly this is solved in the systems of Spelleken Assoc. learning in immersion courses. The equal pay makes me a European citizen – paid and respected just like

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