Get to know confident professionals who decided to take a large step for their future!

Meet a medical assistant:

Ioana has 4 years experience working in Germany. Ioana believes her Romanian graduation was so sophisticated that only in Germany she could receive the value added that she deserves with the infrastructure, the pension fund and the social insurance. The carrier perspectives at Red Cross or AWO, she says, are better than any others in Europe due to huge investments and high standards. Ioana loves that her job of taking care of elderly people makes her contribute to European civilisation.

“The best part of my job, is being able to connect with people I take care of.”


“Knowing I receive a fair salary and I can have my family near me, makes all the hard work worthwhile!“


Meet a truck driver:

Damian has 3 years experience working as a truck driver in Germany. He drives in the night and understands electronic systems, now. Since there are counties in Germany who offer perfect construction places, Damian spends part of the day building a new life including some fancy housing and some retraining that enables him to see the drivers’ job as a base for the first half of his family life.Damian is a dedicated spouse and father and is thankful for having his family around him.

Meet a cook:

Sergiu’s main responsibility is performing various tasks in the kitchen. He believes in South-East-Europe it is difficult to make a real carrier with cooking. In Germany the only impediment is the difficult language. But exactly this is solved in the systems of Spelleken Assoc. learning in immersion courses, he says.

“The equal pay makes me a European citizen – paid and respected just like any German cook.”


Interview Process

When it comes to hiring you, migRATIO takes time for knowing each other. Here is how our interview process is developed.
1. Online application-First step is to complete our easy application. If we think you fit us, we invite you into our office in order to meet each other.
2. Interview-When you arrive, we’ll give you the chance to tell us more about you as a professional and personality. We would expect to develop an honest discussion. At the same time, you’ll get to know us better.
3. Language or training/retraining courses-After deciding you are a perfect fit for us based on your work background and qualifications, we engage you into a language course or a training/retraining course. The aim is to facilitate the integration process.
4. Job offer-Once you complete the training, we will match you with an employer who can now benefit from your skills and experience.


Are you interested?