Medical Assistants


The agreement for medical assistants from Romania that we offer is different from other ones you have heard about:
1. We directly work for serious, ethically based public, semi-public or private operators of care services for seniors, in Germany. Our clients are several district operators of AWO, Red Cross et al. They want you to be long-term employed with a direct and official contract paid and treated like German medical assistants.
2. We train you in intensive German languages courses free-of-charge (immersion) avoiding the influence of your mother tongue (immersion) and therefore effective within only six to eight weeks of training to until reaching Level B2
3. In this period (six to eight weeks), you will have a German family hosting you and assuring that you do not live as an immigrant or even foreigner, but you adopt the German culture.
4. We accomplish our role of coaching you by supporting your family background (children and husband e.g.) and to support you when wanting to change or finish your contract, too.
Though the cash money earned with us is higher than anywhere, you will pay taxes and four types of social insurance for health, pension fund, unemployment and your own care, for the safety in all stages of your further biography.

What we expect from you is the serious commitment to accomplish the stages of
graduation in Romania (learning German grammar and practical care, before leaving the country),
immersion language course and internship in Germany, after arrival and
probation period until language test of B2 and certification of all your documents.

Stage 2 can last 6 to 8 weeks, and stage 3 will last up to one year, maximum. At the end, your gross salary will be about 2 500 to 3 000 €. Cash remains about 1 800 € to 2 200€, then.

Your challenge is the language and the European spirit to care of old people physically. This is more than the medical service, since it requires empathy, dedication and the attitude to treat them like your own grandparents. If you afford this, the employment with us is a safe and sound ticket to be middle-class citizen in Germany and Europe.


What people tell about us

Get to know confident professionals who decided to take a
large step for their future!

Medical assistant:
My name is Ioana, my Romanian graduation was so sophisticated that only in Germany I receive the value added that I deserve with the infrastructure, the pension fund and the social insurance. The carrier perspectives at Red Cross or AWO are better than any others in Europe due to huge investments and high standards


Mission Statement:
Elder care is only one division for the professional development of medical assistants. Since demography and medicine require a powerful growth of both the services for elder citizens in care and the employment of additional medical assistants, let us explain the ethical and cultural inspiration that the work in care can bring for the medical assistants themselves.

One forgotten aspect of the satisfaction in elder care for the medical assistants refers to the citizens themselves who receive the attention. In Germany, the elder citizens bring three aspects that make the conversation interesting and the human relation deep and rich.

One is the fact that those people have survived one of the worst dictatorships in history, including strong commitment, large threats and a moral turnover that was mostly voluntary, after the liberation. The 2nd strong experience is the reconstruction which is similar to the opening and development of infrastructure, governance and civil society after the communist time in Romania, for instance. They can still tell us how Germany was rebuilt, with dedication and modesty. The 3rd experience of the elder generation is that they see populism and globalization with a distance of history, contributing with their modesty to its better interpretation and more prudent response. Although we do not expect answers from them, the elder care brings you together with their balanced soul and spirit.