Truck Drivers


The trucking industry is exploding with growth in Germany. Now is the time to find the right job opportunity for you. Take control of your truck driving career and get started with the offer we have for you:
1. Contract assignment with recognized employers across Germany.
2. Attractive salary as net salary of about 2 000 € to 2 500 € (depending on tax category) and full package of social security including health, pension, care and unemployment.
3. We provide training and retraining courses with an undetermined working contract after probation period.
4. We support you for your registration in Germany and the facilities like a short term room, a long-term family settlement even with a construction place.

We work directly for those serious and experienced trucking businesses which are looking for committed long-term employees in their team. In order to join us, you should:
have license CE with unlimited driving permit for Germany
have ADR and some knowledge of trailers perhaps with interest to drive in the night
know or learn some basic German or English
be long-term oriented and to have plans to settle in Germany.

Being a professional truck driver is not just about having excellent driving skills. It’s about presenting yourself in a positive light. YOU are the one out there representing your company, which means you should always be on your best behaviour.

If you afford all these, enjoy driving, seeing Germany and other countries, being on your own much of the time, and getting paid well to provide a valuable service that keeps the economy flourishing, let us know. We would like to help you in your future!


What people tell about us

Get to know confident professionals who decided to take a
large step for their future!


Truck driver:

My name is Damian, in change of the old-fashioned road cowboy drive in the night and understand electronic systems, thus I can spend part of the day to build a new life including some fancy housing and some retraining that enables me to see the drivers’ job as a base for the first half of my family life (or even longer). There are counties in Germany who offer perfect construction places.